Pink Cricket

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cricket pizza

half cheese, half cheese, pep & onions

If you like a paper thin pizza crust, Pink Cricket is your holy grail. We really don’t even want to list pizza joints because there are so many, but we’re making an exception for the Cricket. That thin crust and sweet tomato base are a dieters worst nightmare. Located right on Main Street in Lancaster, it’s a bit north of downtown and every bit of an authentic location that hasn’t suffered the effects of someone’s idea of ‘redecorating’. The aged wood paneling, bar on one side, dining on the other tell you this place is made for comfort. TVs but not too many and a juke box with Hank Williams and Johnny Cash round out this independent diner atmosphere. But it’s the pizza and cold beer that will keep you driving here from Timbuktu.


929 East Main St., Lancaster, Ohio 43130 – TEL: 740-653-7300, WEBSITEFACEBOOK  


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